Fall and Physical Disability: Incidence and Prevention

Falls and other accidents can happen to anyone- whether they are healthy or have a physical disability. Either way, falls can cause physical disabilities to affected patients. As a provider of chronic care services, we at ABS Clinical Services LLC are always eager to advocate and help vulnerable patients look for ways to encourage safety and prevent falls.

Incidence of accidents and falls with a physical disability. Interestingly, people with existing physical disabilities are at risk of having falls and other related incidents. It will most likely happen if they do not receive assistance, rehabilitation, and modifications at home. Further incidents can cause injuries, thus accumulating existing disabled functions.

On the other hand, falls also affect healthy individuals. According to the CDC, falls cause major physical disabilities. It includes hip fractures- of which 95% of cases are caused by fall-related incidents. A provider of urgent care in Bladensburg, Maryland, can help treat acute injuries and prevent long-term disability.

How to prevent incidents and falls?

Facilities and other care providers should provide patient care education. They should value the importance of safety and prevention.

The education includes the following:

  • What to do to prevent falls.
  • What to do during the fall. You may also seek a clinical service in Maryland that can treat acute cases.
  • What assistive devices can be beneficial for those with physical disabilities.

Providing education and encouragement is the best way for healthy people and those with physical disabilities to prevent falls.

Furthermore, our family clinic provides various services for our clients, such as weight loss services. Schedule an appointment with us if you want to receive proper care.

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