Fall Prevention Tips for Your Senior Loved Ones

Study shows that most fall cases are associated with seniors. Due to age-related conditions, from limited mobility to impaired vision to problems with balance or incontinence, there are many reasons why seniors are prone to fall incidents. A simple out-of-balance or tripping can cause complications to the declining health of seniors, and they may need urgent care in Bladensburg, Maryland . If you have senior loved ones at home, follow these fall prevention tips.

  • Engage them in exercises

    Staying physically active makes us stronger. There are various low-impact exercises that your senior loved ones can perform at home. Choose those which can improve their strength and balance. Assist them in doing these exercises.

  • Organize Your Home

    Keep wires in place, place supportive devices (especially in the bathroom and restroom), keep the floor dry, and make necessary changes to fall-proof your home.

  • Keep the Physician Updated

    When your loved one has fallen recently or since their last check-up, update the doctor immediately so they can perform health screenings services in Maryland to check for any complications. They also ensure that the family receives patient care education when needed.

  • Undergo Eyes and Ears Tests

    Clinical service in Maryland includes eye and ear assessments. When having poor eyesight or hearing, get advice from the doctor about the appropriate eyeglasses and hearing aid.

  • Use Assistive Devices

    When mobility is limited, use assistive devices to ensure safety. Even when inside the house, walkers or canes are essential.

Do you have a loved one who is vulnerable to fall incidents? Reach out to ABS Clinical Services LLC. As a family practice , we aspire to keep every family member’s health in check, especially your senior loved ones. Contact us today.

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