Most Common Causes of Falls Among Seniors

Falls and similar accidents are not a normal part of getting older. While it may be apparent that a senior person has more mobility difficulties, their situation does not excuse accidents. There are plenty of factors that contribute to falls and accidents. Some of these reasons can be prevented while others can be managed. Whatever it is, there is something that can be done to improve your loved one’s safety.

Here are some of the most common causes of falls among seniors, and here are ways to prevent them:

  • Weak muscles

    Weak muscles affect balance and strength for movement. Manage conditions like arthritis while improving physical activities for those who lack exposure.

  • Poor balance or dizziness

    Poor balance or dizziness makes walking dangerous for even the first steps. Minimize movement for patients who cannot safely walk without assistive devices while ensuring aid and support are available when needed.

  • Hearing and vision problems

    Hearing and vision problem make sensing the environment and assessing threats difficult. Improve the illumination at home to aid their failing sight and use visual cues to highlight steps, walkways, staircases, or light switches.

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