Learning About the 5C’s to Weight Loss

Being overweight and obese increases your risk of developing illnesses, such as diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure. While many healthcare providers assist you in these conditions through chronic care services , losing weight provides significant benefits.

Follow these steps to help you get started losing weight.

  • Step 1: Commit

    Several weight loss services  are available but may be futile if you don’t commit. Losing weight begins with commitment. Own the decision to achieve your body goals.

  • Step 2: Consult 

    Ask a provider of healthcare service in Bladensburg, Maryland , about your body. They can help evaluate your weight, height, and any weight-related risk factors you may have. They can even create a customized care plan to help manage your weight loss.

  • Step 3: Clear

    Set clear and specific goals, such as “I will run 5 kilometers” per week. Avoid general and vague ones. When possible, keep two to three goals at a time.

  • Step 4: Connect

    Connect to people who can motivate and support you with your journey. When you are with a family practice  provider, your physician can regularly inform your whole family. It will also keep you accountable for your goals.

  • Step 5: Check-in

    Evaluate your progress regularly and identify things you may need to change. You can also ask for advice from your doctor on ways to improve. With the advent of telemedicine services, checking in with your provider is easier.

The journey to weight loss is not a walk in the park. But when you commit to it and achieve it, you can confidently walk with grace wherever you go. Ready to start your journey? Contact  ABS Clinical Services LLC. We will be with you in the process and see positive results.

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